Attorneys and Mediators

Paymer Associates has worked with attorneys and mediators on family and criminal matters involving drug and alcohol issues for over a decade. Our depth of knowledge in this space is unparalleled. We understand the seriousness of the challenges involved and the implications of our advice. Our core mission is to not only report drug and alcohol test results, but to help all those involved with the case understand the situation.

This is not just a matter of getting drug test results. It is making sure you understand the situation in order to assist your client to the best of your ability.

Paymer Associates can provide you with:

  • Assistance with language in your agreements/stipulations
  • Many conveniences not found at labs or clinics
  • Thousands of convenient collection sites worldwide
  • Confidentiality and privacy
  • Expedient and cost-efficient
  • Turnaround time for tests is usually 2-5 days
  • Most appointments are scheduled within 24 hours of initial contact
  • Weekend and early morning/evening appointments available

Expedient turnaround time, with a strong focus on ensuring accuracy and confidentiality.