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Hair Follicle Drug Testing:

A standard hair test will detect drugs ingested within the past ninety (90) days, or longer if necessary. Hair follicle drug tests can detect drugs of abuse, highly abused prescription medication, and alcohol. Hair tests can also be conducted to detect substances used in instances of date rape.

Urine Drug Testing:

When used appropriately, urine testing is very effective in detecting drugs of abuse, as well as more obscure substances, such as medications used for sleep and designer/synthetic drugs. It has been used for many years, and is currently the main method of testing in Federal drug testing programs. Paymer Associates conducts both lab-based and instant urine tests, and we have access to thousands of collection sites worldwide. Additionally, we can set up, maintain, and monitor a random urine testing program to suit the needs of any situation.

Alcohol Testing:

Technology has changed the face of alcohol testing over the past twenty years. Paymer Associates has embraced this new trend. We are the exclusive Connecticut provider of the SCRAMx continuous alcohol monitoring bracelet, and the Soberlink Remote Breathalyzer. Both devices offer coverage previously unmanageable through alcohol bio-marker testing (urine testing). They both can effectively distinguish between environmental exposure to alcohol and a true drinking event. When appropriate, we also offer urine testing, as well as hair testing, to detect alcohol ingestion.

Drug Sweat Patch:

Paymer Associates can also detect drug use through the use of a patch that is applied to an individual's skin. Parent drugs, as well as drug metabolites, are collected onto the patch from the sweat produced by the wearer. The patch will detect drug use 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for a period of up to 14 days. The adhesive on the patch is designed for one time application, making it completely tamper proof. Once removed, the used patch is sent to a SAMHSA certified laboratory, where it is analyzed. The patch is put on the arm, midriff, or back, making it unnoticeable to others. It is extremely durable, and the person being tested can swim, shower, work out, and participate in everyday activities.

Pre-Employment, Suspicion-Based or Random Drug Testing Programs:

We can help you hire only the best employees and set-up a program to make sure you have a drug-free workplace. The data is clear and it makes human resource decisions easy.

Referrals and Case Management:

Paymer Associates helps you navigate treatment options, from finding the right therapist or treatment center, to assisting with complicated questions regarding insurance. Deciding on the appropriate level of care takes knowledge and experience. We are with you through the entire process.

DNA Testing

Paymer Associates, LLC, now offers DNA parentage and identity testing. In addition to our drug and alcohol testing and monitoring, we can now provide you with court admissible paternity and identity testing with the same integrity, accuracy, reliability, affordability, and convenient service you have come to expect from us.

DNA testing has become standard operating procedure in cases involving custody, parenting time, child support, estate inheritance, immigration, and other cases where questionable identity is an issue.

DNA testing can be used to determine the following:

  • Paternity - father/child
  • Maternity - mother/child
  • Sibling - child/child, half/full
  • Twin zygosity - child/child, fraternal/identical
  • Grandparentage - grandparents/child
  • Auvuncular - aunt/uncle/individual
  • Immigration - individuals/U.S. resident/citizen


Post-treatment Monitoring

After you, your loved one, or employee has completed a rehab program, we can assist in ensuring they comply with discharge planning. Talk to us about our posttreatment options which can promote and verify continued and long-term absence from alcohol and drugs.


We are a full-service drug and alcohol testing firm. The difference is the experience and personal service we provide to every client.