SL2 Remote Breathalyzer

SL2 Remote Breathalyzer Testing

SL2 monitors sobriety - anytime, anywhere.

Paymer Associates, LLC is proud to be a provider of the SL2 remote breathalyzer (formerly known as Soberlink).

How it works:

The device has an embedded high resolution camera, which takes a photograph during the breath test to verify identity, and a GPS antenna to acquire current location. The embedded cellular module transmits the Breath Alcohol Content (BrAC), GPS location, and photograph to a cloud-based web portal where the monitoring party can access and review the test results. The SL2 is the first handheld breathalyzer to wirelessly report a person's breath alcohol content in real time.

SL2 Solutions:

SL2 can be used for any type of alcohol abstinence program and is used throughout courts in the United States. The device allows the participant to prove abstinence from alcohol while maintaining their dignity and flexibility in their schedule.

SL2 can be used:

Criminal Justice:

  • Pretrial
  • DUI / DWI offenses
  • Alternative to IID
  • Probation
  • Family Court
  • Step down from SCRAMx bracelet.



  • Aftercare programs
  • Professional treatment programs
  • Family monitoring


SL2, Inc. provides a revolutionary yet familiar tool to discreetly and conveniently monitor alcohol sobriety and promote accountability. Within just a few short years, this tool has proven to be an integral part of the recovery period for the person struggling with alcohol dependency, as well as anyone assisting with the process.